Under Ground Drainage And Sewer System

Supreme underground drainage and sewage system has been designed with a view to modern man’s inclination towards health, hygiene and his aversion to filth and pollutants. Due to unpleasant nature of human waste, a drainage system should be “out of sight and out of mind”. Most of the drainage systems are actually hidden from sight. It is hence important that it should be able to function year after year without leakage or defects. It becomes unpleasant and expensive to address such problem that arises in conventional underground products unexpectedly. Such problems may happen due to poor products quality or due to faulty construction and outdated technology.

This system is advantageous and offers multiple advantages over traditional drainages products for all sorts of drainages and sewage applications and installations.


  • Great flexibility
  • Perfect hydraulic Properties
  • Great strength
  • Watertight System
  • Hygienic and Safe
  • Minimum Excavation Cost
  • Different Flow Profile Designs
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Longer Life and Overall Economy